Saturday, January 10, 2004

Make your own number plate

From the NewsGroup

There was some discussion recently about the availability of stick-on DIY number plates. I went to my local accessory shop and sure enough they were available (I thought they had been withdrawn). But stuck to the back of the panel was the following message:

"This reflective panel is sold on the condition that it should only be used for signage purposes. Under no circumstances should it be used in connection with vehicle registration marks. Fitting this product to a vehicle, trailer or caravan may result in prosecution."

So what exactly is the legal position of these number plates?

Simon replied-

They are not legal to sell for use as number plates, there is nothing however to stop any shop selling reflective yellow or white material that just happens to be in the shape of a number plate, together with self adhesive letters which happen to be number plate sized.

It would not be an MOT failure to have one fitted as a numberplate however, and I dont think it is illegal to use them as number plates, and they meet all the legal requirements on legibility, reflectivity etc.

AFAIK, they new laws only apply to the supply of number plates, rather than the use of them.

Paul replied-

I hope I can shed some light on this as I use to work in the trade but the new rules came into effect as I left but from the inside the rules seem to be :-

In theory all number plate manufactorers have to have there post code and I think an id no etched into the acrylic so that the plate can be traced back to its origin when you go into get a new no plate made up you have to produce proof of who you are and also proof of the vehicle the number plate is for ie drivers licence and log book and the details much match.

Its now as far as I am aware no longer legal to sell number plate making materials as it was found to be the case that people were sticking them over there orginal plate doing a drive off robbery etc etc getting round the corner and removing it I saw a police stop type program recently were they were questioning some builders and when they looked at the plates they had stuck a different number on top and the actual plates were different front and back thats just one eg.

A few places are still selling the letters and numbers as these can be used for many things I think its just the backing that there getting touchy over becouse if they can prove that a plate was made and the rules had not been followed then the whole company looses its licence to produce number plates so I can understand why some places are a bit ott on disclamiers and such like.

If anyone would like me to get an exact word of mouth from a supplie I will have a word with a few contacts I still have in the trade.